Collection: Prosper J. Williams Collection

Prosper J. Williams (1910 - 2001) was a well-known mineral dealer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. South African born, Prosper had many connections in Africa and was one of the first mineral dealers to bring the treasures of Tsumeb, Namibia to the greater market. The mineral prosperite - from Tsumeb - was named in his honour back in 1979. According to the Mineralogical Record's obituary for Prosper, he retired from mineral dealing in 1980. However, his old partner, our friend Sarah Topham of Apex Minerals in Vancouver, British Columbia, stashed away a modest collection of Prosper's former specimens. We recently purchased Sarah's inventory and will now be offering this wonderful old stock. 

Blowing the dust off of Sarah's old mineral flats yielded many fun treasures. We will soon be offering a modest selection of Tsumeb and Berg Aukas minerals (including dioptase, duftite, azurite, anglesite and smithsonite), rhodocrosite thumbnails from Black Rock, South Africa and molybdenite crystals from Boss Mountain Mine, British Columbia. All specimens will include original labels from Prosper J. Williams; many of which are hand-written. A wonderful chance to include mineral collecting history into your own collection!

Thank you Sarah for the opportunity to share these beautiful minerals with a new generation. Wishing you all our best!


Pictured: One of Prosper's mineral labels