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Rocky Mountain Minerals and Fossils

Weloganite, Francon Quarry, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Weloganite, Francon Quarry, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Weloganite, a rare carbonate, is named after the founder and first director of the Geological Survey of Canada, Sir William Edmund Logan (W. E. Logan). This excellent specimen was collected by Mike Menzies at the type-locality in 1980. A small cavity in matrix reveals a classic weloganite crystal surrounded by lustrous and gemmy calcite crystals and a few tiny quartz crystals; including one growing on the weloganite. The locality is a carbonatite sill which is certainly a rare igneous rock type. The weloganite is 1 cm wide x 1.75 cm long and reacts nicely under UV light. Ex Mike Menzies collection. From "The Alcove", Francon Quarry, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Dimensions: 7.5 x 9 cm

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