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Rocky Mountain Minerals and Fossils

Gypsum variety Selenite, Peace River Country, NW Alberta, Canada

Gypsum variety Selenite, Peace River Country, NW Alberta, Canada

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We have come across a new source of very large selenite crystals from Alberta. No, these are not from the famous Willow Creek locality near Nanton, Alberta but from a "secret" locality hundreds of kilometers to the north in the "Peace River area" of northwest Alberta. It is probably from Cretaceous-aged marine sediments that outcrop in creek and river valleys in the Grande Prairie area Alberta. This new locality produces crystals much larger than Willow Creek although not quite as crisp and clear, although most fluoresce the classic "hour glass" optical feature under UV light. I think these are exquisite and believe future exploration will yield some amazing pieces - stay tuned! This specimen shows a second selenite growing out of the larger crystal along with several smaller crystals doing the same on the reverse side. Mineralogically very interesting to study. Large, attractive piece that somewhat resembles a sailing boat! From Peace River Country, NW Alberta, Canada. Dimensions: Main crystal 3.2 cm wide x 11.6 cm long with the smaller crystal measuring 2 x 2.5 cm. SOLD

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