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Rocky Mountain Minerals and Fossils

Fossil Fish (Diplomystus dentatus) - Almost 50 cm long! From 18-Inch Layer, Warfield Quarry, Kemmerer, Wyoming

Fossil Fish (Diplomystus dentatus) - Almost 50 cm long! From 18-Inch Layer, Warfield Quarry, Kemmerer, Wyoming

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Fossil fish from Wyoming's Green River Formation (Eocene) are easily amongst the finest and most popular fossils around the world. One of my very first fossils I ever purchased (age 7) was a Wyoming fish, which I still have! There is something about the combination of excellent preservation and the colour contrast between the brown bone and the buff limestone host rock that makes these fossils extra special. Most of the fossils we see for sale are from the aptly-named "Split-Fish Layer" within the Green River Formation, yielding fossil fish that are a few inches long of decent quality. However, the "18-Inch Layer" is where the trophy specimens lurk.

I had the opportunity to excavate on the 18-Inch Layer at Warfield's Quarry near Kemmerer, Wyoming in July 2023. Arriving in the evening allows for not only cooler digging conditions but the low light really helps reveal the fossils as you split the limestone layers. From the pictures you can see how we split large slabs and what the fossil fish look like prior to preparation by an air scribe - they are subtle! It is hard, dusty work but a ton of fun!

I was rewarded with the discovery of this large fish - Diplomystus dentatus - which took the Warfield's technician just over a day to fully expose and prepare. No restoration here as this is a 100% natural specimen with no repairs. Many people enjoy placing a nice, dark brown frame around them so they are easier to display on a wall, while others like a more natural look and use a large stand. I have opted to leave that choice to the final customer - a frame can be added at a later if desired. 

Our many thanks to Rick Hebdon at Warfield's, for the opportunity to dig on the 18-Inch layer and for the masterful preparation work of his team! This really is now a piece of art!

Dimensions: Full specimen 45 cm x 62 cm ; Fish itself 18 cm x 48 cm


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