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Rocky Mountain Minerals and Fossils

Fossil Fish (Cladocyclus gardneri), Araripe Basin, N.E Brazil

Fossil Fish (Cladocyclus gardneri), Araripe Basin, N.E Brazil

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Very large (33 cm long!) fossil fish (Cladocyclus gardneri) from the classic locality in Brazil. Excellent quality. Prominent 1 cm long teeth in the jaws. Very nice detail preserved in the scales, fins and tail. The back of the specimen has been stabilized and is very sturdy. Comes with its own custom-built shipping crate. 

This specimen has been in Canada since the late 1980s when the previous owner purchased it from another Calgary dealership and it has been in his care ever since. This establishes a chain of ownership that pre-dates Brazilian legislation that proposes banning the export of these fossils. These are now very hard to find on the market and this is an excellent example.

Albain Romualdo Formation, Early Cretaceous (Albian-Cenomanian), Araripe Basin, N.E Brazil. Dimensions: 6 cm wide x 34 cm long. Weighs 6.17 kg on its own and 13.1 kg in its crate. SOLD 

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