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Rocky Mountain Minerals and Fossils

Celestite Geode, Sakoany, Majunga, Madagascar

Celestite Geode, Sakoany, Majunga, Madagascar

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We strive to bring our customers the finest and most unique mineral and crystal specimens. Here we have a very large celestite geode that feels like two giant specimens in one. It is difficult to decide which side to display! One side is generously covered with blue celestite crystals with nice terminations, while a geode on the other side reveals a cavity of more beautiful treasures. Ideally this piece could be displayed so that you could walk around it and enjoy all its elegant angles. A truly impressive display specimen. From the collection former mineral dealer, neighbour and friend, Brad Yeomans. From Sakoany, Majunga, Madagascar. Dimensions: 17 cm x 30 cm

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