Collection: Worldwide Fossils

We hope to offer unique, high-quality fossils for discerning collectors. Please note that Alberta fossils (with exceptions) are generally not legal to sell as per Alberta provincial regulations (including the incredible Cretaceous brittle star pictured here). An exception are ammonites and, most importantly, those Placenticeras ammonites from which the gemstone Ammolite is derived. We hope to offer these to our clients shortly. 

We do currently offer a quality selection of absolutely incredible Pleistocene crabs from Turkey, Cretaceous fish, lobsters, rays and shrimp from Lebanon, Copal with insects from Columbia, theropod tracks from France and some wonderful crustaceans from the Solnhoften Limestone in Germany. Of course we have top-quality megalodon shark teeth. However, my personal favourites offered are the  ridiculously-rare-and-colourful petrified wood slices from Turkey. They are coloured by a blend of copper minerals and, therefore, bridge the mineral and fossil worlds together. Beautiful!

If there is something you would like to see offered, please let us know. Our connections run deep.


Pictured: Brittle Star in Sandstone; A glacial erratic probably derived from the Cretaceous Cardium Formation, Alberta, Canada. Photo by Mark Mauthner

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